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Accomplice is a marketplace offering a new revenue channel for our partners through unique mobile cross-selling opportunities and smart recommendations. Accomplice increases engagement with your target audiences and unlocks a path to high value customer segments.

We are looking to partner with brands in the consumer services space. If you offer food or alcohol delivery, rideshare, transportation, or ANY on-demand consumer-facing service, we want to hear from you.

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New Sales and Marketing Channel.

Prominently market your brand and service offerings to increase your exposure and positively impact your conversion rate. Accomplice marketing spend brings customers directly into your sales funnel.

Increased Engagement.

Accomplice is a multi-vertical platform focused on cross-selling opportunities to optimize every partner's’ chance of capitalizing on user's’ intent and demand. Cross-selling is achieved by smart recommendations or prefixed app pairing bundles (coming soon).

Access to High Value Customers (B2B2C).

In addition to B2C, we are pursuing businesses and enterprises to market your services, giving you access to high value customers at scale.

Easily Cross Promote with Other Brands.

Set up cross brand promotions to capitalize on unique consumer behavior in certain markets (coming soon).

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